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Jenniffer Beauty & Spa Centre
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Relieve the stress of everyday life at Jenniffer Beauty & Spa Centre in the heart of the peaceful Taiping, Perak. Indulge yourself with one of our specialised treatments or allow us to design a personalised package that is right for you...

Beauty Treatment
Experience the effects of world class individualised, pampering and soothing beauty treatments in the most natural settings imaginable. The beauty centre uses "Bio Hydro Cell" natural products, containing only the purest and high quality ingredients from plant origin. These unique products and other accessories can be found in our centre. In addition to the treatments, a wide range of special herbal teas, mineral waters and a selection of fresh fruits and juices are offered.

At Jenniffer Beauty & Spa Centre, we provides you with the opportunity to experience a healthy, friendly way to unwind at the end of a long day - the relaxation that only hydrotherapy can provide. Whether alone, as a couple, with friends, or family, the spa experience gives you a chance to total relaxation that leave you feeling renewed and revitalised, after having shed the tensions of the day. We're here to help you find that calm. Visit us and just check out our Spa Treatment Packages!
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